How to Give

There are almost as many ways to invest in Brother Rice High School Foundation as there are reasons to support it.

I. One-Time Gifts

  1. Gifts of Cash
    The simplest and most popular way to make a contribution is to write a check, use a credit card, or give online.  Checks should be made out to the Brother Rice Foundation and mailed to PO Box 845, Oak Lawn, IL 60453.
  2. Matching Gifts
    Check if your (or your spouse’s) company has a matching gift program in order to double or even triple your contribution to Brother Rice. It is as simple as filling out the form from your company and forwarding it to the Brother Rice Development Office. Matching gifts from corporations and foundations may also apply when donating securities.
  3. Gifts of Securities
    Stocks or other securities can be transferred to Brother Rice at a considerable tax advantage.  Please contact Greg Papiernik on how you can donate securities to the Foundation.

II. Planned Giving

Making a contribution by using a planned gift is becoming increasingly popular. Through careful gift planning, alumni, alumni parents, and friends have discovered that they can have a more significant impact on the future of Brother Rice than otherwise thought possible. A thoughtfully chosen gift method can also allow our benefactors to meet their own needs and responsibilities while, at the same time, ensure the strength of Brother Rice.

  1. Deferred Gifts
    The traditional planned gift is the bequest. Because a bequest is a gift made in a will, the individual making the gift retains full use of the property during his or her lifetime.
    Another type of deferred gift is the charitable remainder trust, which can be arranged to produce extra income, provide for retirement, or cover the cost of educating a child or grandchild. The donor is also allowed to take an immediate tax deduction for a percentage of the principal invested in the trust. When the trust ends, the remaining trust principal is given to Brother Rice High School.
  2. Gifts of Life Insurance
    A way to invest in Brother Rice with a significant gift at a low cost is through the purchase of a life insurance policy. By naming Brother Rice as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, premium payments can be tax-deductible. You may wish to take out a policy, or you may already have a policy and wish to name Brother Rice High School as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary. In this way you assure a substantial gift to Brother Rice at a relatively low cost.

For further information regarding an investment in the Brother Rice Foundation, please contact Greg Papiernik.