About the Foundation

At the request of the Board of Directors of Brother Rice High School, a foundation has been organized to raise funds to support the educational programs and facilities of Brother Rice High School of Brother Rice High School to educate young men in the Chicago area consistent with the mission of Blessed Edmund Rice.

The Foundation will raise funds in various ways, but will focus on donors who can make significant contributions.  Once we raise $500,000, distributions will be made to the school to enable it to award scholarships and other financial support to students.  As you might know, the tuition before fees at Brother Rice is over $10,000 per year and the Boards of Brother Rice and the Foundation are committed to raising significant funds to keep tuition affordable and to insure the long-term success of Brother Rice High School.

The Foundation is a “stand alone organization”, managed by a separate Board of Directors.  Our Chairman is Tom Gorman, former President of the Brother Rice Board; Treasurer is Greg Papiernik, a former Brother Rice Board member; Vice Chairman is Pat Condon, former President of the Brother Rice Board; Vice President is Jim McCord, an alumnus; and Secretary is Steve Ruff, a current Board member and legal counsel to the school.

Dr. Kevin Burns, our school President, and Jim Kramer, an alumnus, are ex-officio members of the Foundation Board and are members of the Brother Rice Board of Directors.

The Foundation is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization.